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As Israel attacks Gaza, Palestinians find an unlikely ally | Activist News

As Israel attacks Gaza, Palestinians find an unlikely ally


International Herald Tribune
Nov. 15, 2012
By Gibran Ashraf

Facing the brunt of Israeli missiles and a stifling blockade as part of a new offensive in the Gaza strip, Palestinians have started receiving some help from an unlikely quarter, hacktivist group Anonymous.

The group, which has in recent years emerged as global political force with a view to resist oppression, started their latest campaign, #OpIsrael in response to Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense.

Initial skirmishes for Anonymous have echoed both aspects of their hacktivist moniker.

The group managed to deface a top Israeli security and surveillance website http://falcon-s.co.il. The account @Op_Israel tweeted:

“Hacked http://falcon-s.co.il | Top Israel Security & Surveillance | Stop bombing #Gaza#OpIsrael#GazaUnderAttack#Anonymous

In its second salvo, it managed to take down the website of the Israel Ministry of Defense, IDF.il. @AnonymousPress tweeted:

“idf.il [Israeli Defence Forces] #Up & #DOWN | #OpIsrael |#Anonymous

Though another twitter account linked to the group tweeted that defacing or taking down websites was not a priority for the group, rather it was ensuring that Palestinians on the ground had access to internet, cut off by Israel, so that communications with aid providers and rest of the world continue unhampered.

Full Article Here – http://tribune.com.pk/story/466092/as-israel-attacks-gaza-palestinians-find-an-unlikely-ally/


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