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Nearly 40 Protestors Arrested Overnight at Occupy Austin | Activist News

Nearly 40 Protestors Arrested Overnight at Occupy Austin

Austin American-Statesman
Oct. 30, 2011
By Andrea Ball

UPDATE at 3:28 p.m.: Watch a live stream of Occupy Austin at Travis County jail here, where demonstrators will be released from jail and protesters are marching to from city hall today.

UPDATE at 1:36 p.m.: City officials are asking Occupy Austin protesters to appoint leaders to work with city officials on developing a consensus on new rules for the group’s occupation of city hall, police Chief Art Acevedo told reporters today.

The loosely organized group could discuss the measure in their afternoon general assembly meeting.

Police arrested 38 protesters early this morning, the most in a single incident since protesters came to City Hall since Oct. 6.

The arrests came a little more than a day and a half after the city posted new rules for the protesters, including a ban on setting up the food distribution table overnight, Acevedo said at a press conference this afternoon during which he and Assistant City Manager Michael McDonald outlined the city’s plans going forward.

“I can tell you that a lot of the changes were made at the request of people I consider to be Occupy Austin,” Acevedo said, declining to name names.

McDonald said they plan to meet with Occupy Austin representatives Monday morning.

The 30 men and eight women who were arrested early Sunday on criminal trespass charges will be released this afternoon, Acevedo said.

Earlier: Thirty-eight Occupy Austin protesters were arrested at City Hall Sunday in a dispute that started over food tables on the plaza.

The incident was the largest group arrest since protesters began a 24/7 occupation at City Hall on Oct. 6. Four people were arrested on Oct. 13 for refusing to leave the plaza while a cleaning crew power-washed the plaza, but since then, occupiers and police have maintained a generally cooperative relationship.

Most of the protesters arrested Sunday were charged with criminal trespass, said Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo. No injuries were reported.

Full Article Here – http://www.statesman.com/blogs/content/shared-gen/blogs/austin/blotter/entries/2011/10/30/nearly_40_protestors_arrested.html

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