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Occupy Atlanta plans 2nd attempt to camp at park | Activist News

Occupy Atlanta plans 2nd attempt to camp at park

Associated Press
Nov. 6, 2011

ATLANTA (AP) — Occupy Atlanta organizers said Sunday that they plan to again try to camp at a city park, setting up yet another showdown with police a night after 20 people were arrested during a rally that spilled into the streets.
The group will hold its general assembly meeting Sunday evening, then march back to Woodruff Park downtown, said organizer Tim Franzen. Atlanta police spokesman Carlos Campos said police would continue to enforce the law.
Anti-Wall Street protesters across the country have been arrested in recent weeks, most for curfew violations. Some of the most intense confrontations between demonstrators and police have been in Oakland, California, where two Iraq War veterans have been hurt in separate clashes with officers.

In Atlanta, 19 people were arrested on charges they refused to leave the park after curfew or blocked city roads, police said. Franzen said they would be released from jail Sunday. He said one other person charged with aggravated assault and obstruction likely won’t be bailed out until sometime this week.
Before Saturday’s 11 p.m. curfew, a crowd of several hundred protesters had set up tents at Woodruff Park, the scene of about 50 arrests of demonstrators last month. Organizers had said they planned to stay overnight despite warnings from the mayor and police that anyone there past closing would be arrested.
But as 11 p.m. approached, protesters began decamping peacefully. Dozens of officers were on hand, herding protesters away from the park’s entrances and installing barricades around it. A police helicopter flew overhead.

While most protesters left the park, a few people stayed behind. Many spilled onto Peachtree Street, blocking roads. An officer on a motorcycle, with its lights and siren turned on, drove into a crowd marching on the street.

Video of the incident appears to show two people pushing against the front of the motorcycle as the engine revs. A scuffle ensues when a third person intervenes, which leads to a sometimes tense confrontation between protesters and officers.
Police officers in riot gear and on horseback filled the street, warning protesters to stay on the sidewalk. The protesters shouted at the officers, chanting slogans such as, “Shame! Shame!” and “What about your pensions?” A small group yelled more insulting things like, “Put the pigs back in their sty, we the people occupy.”
Protesters began camping out in Woodruff Park on Oct. 7. Mayor Kasim Reed initially issued an executive order allowing them to stay overnight, but later revoked it after he said there were increasing security concerns.

One comment on “Occupy Atlanta plans 2nd attempt to camp at park

  1. Here's the AP video of police action against #OccupyAtlanta – http://goo.gl/K71es It's a good example of what a Koch brothers police state looks like. The Koch brothers bought 100% of Georgia Pacific Corporation for $21 Billion in 2005. Georgia Pacific's headquarters are only one block away from #OccupyAtlanta. Many of the recent extreme political and social changes in Atlanta and Georgia can be directly traced to the Koch brothers influence through programs like ALEC.Let's stop it while we still can.

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