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2010 October 15 | Activist News

The Road to World War 3

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Edward Snowden

Open Letter To Obama

July 26, 2013 President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20500 Re: Civil Disobedience, Edward J. Snowden, and the Constitution Dear Mr. President: You are acutely aware More »


U.S. Companies Pay Just One-Third Of The Legal Tax Rate: GAO Study

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jeff olsen

Man Tried for Chalk Drawings Found Not Guilty

NBC San Diego July 1, 2013 By Christina London The man accused of vandalism for drawing with chalk outside banks has been found not guilty on all charges. A jury returned its More »


The Bigger Story Behind the AP Spying Scandal

Washington’s Blog/Global Research May 20, 2012 By George Washington Attack on the Press You know that the Department of Justice tapped scores of phone lines at the Associated Press. You might have More »

Daily Archives: October 15, 2010

Top donors accused of sending ‘substandard’ food to poor

October 14, 2010
By Katie Nguyen

LONDON (AlertNet) – Medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has accused rich nations such as the United States of offloading food it would not feed its own children to poorer countries as food aid.

MSF said the world’s biggest donors of food aid — including the U.S., Canada, Japan and the European Union — continued to supply and fund nutritionally “substandard” food to developing countries, despite scientific evidence showing it was of little value in reducing child malnutrition.

“Foods we would never give our own children are being sent overseas as food aid to the most vulnerable children in malnutrition hotspots in sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Asia,” MSF’s international president Unni Karunakara said in a statement issued ahead of World Food Day on Oct. 16.

“This double standard must stop.”
MSF said 195 million children across the world suffered from malnutrition, which occurs not only because of a shortage of calories but also a lack of particular nutrients. Malnutrition was the underlying cause of at least one-third of the eight million deaths of under-fives annually, MSF said.

Health experts agree that preventing lifelong damage from malnutrition hinges on providing the right diet of high-quality protein, essential fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals in the first two years of a child’s life, a “critical window”.

Yet food aid largely does not include these essential ingredients for early childhood development, MSF said.

It said most child nutrition programmes in developing countries and supported by international food aid depend heavily on fortified blended flours such as corn- and soy-blend (CSB) cereals.

However, CSB cereals do not meet international standards for the nutritional needs of under-twos, MSF said, citing the views of a World Health Organisation panel of nutrition experts in 2008 which found that CSB was inappropriate for treating malnourished children.

“Despite an international consensus on the most appropriate nutritional composition of foods for malnourished children, donor countries continue to subsidise and supply a one-size fits all product that we know fails to meet this standard and to decrease the risk of death due to malnutrition,” said Susan Shepherd, MSF nutrition advisor, in the same statement.

Full Article Here – http://dlvr.it/7387M

Government troops accused of rapes in Congo

October 15, 2010

Congolese government troops are raping, killing and looting civilians in the same area of eastern Congo where militias carried out mass rapes over two months ago, a senior UN envoy has said.

Margot Wallstrom, who is responsible for UN efforts to combat sexual violence in conflict, told the Security Council that UN peacekeepers have received reports of rapes, killings and looting by government soldiers.

“The possibility that the same communities who were brutalized in July and August by FDLR and Mai Mai elements are now also suffering” at the hands of the army “is unimaginable and unacceptable,” she said, referring to the Rwandan-led rebels from the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Rwanda by their French initials.
Following the mass rapes that ended in early August, Joseph Kabila, president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, ordered a moratorium on mining in the mineral-rich area and sent in thousands of army troops to reassert government control.

“I am gravely concerned about the ongoing military operations … in the Walikale territory and the implications for the protection of civilians,” Ms Wallstrom said.

Full Article Here -http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/democraticrepublicofcongo/8065515/Government-troops-accused-of-rapes-in-Congo.html

U.S. Military Tallies Deaths of Iraqi Civilians and Forces

Associated Press
October 14, 2010

BAGHDAD (AP) — A new United States military tally puts the death toll of Iraqi civilians and security forces at almost 77,000 people between January 2004 and August 2008, a period that includes the bloodiest years of the war.

The tally falls thousands short of one compiled by the Iraqi Human Rights Ministry.

The information was quietly posted on the Web site of the United States Central Command without explanation in July and was discovered this week during a routine check by The Associated Press for civilian and military casualty numbers that were first requested in 2005 through the Freedom of Information Act. The new figures represent the American military’s largest release of raw data on deaths during the Iraq war.

A spokesman at Central Command headquarters in Tampa, Fla., could not answer basic questions on Thursday about the information, including whether it counted government-backed Sunni fighters among Iraqi security forces or insurgents among civilians.
Officials with the Iraqi Health Ministry, which uses death certificates to track how Iraqis are killed, refused to discuss the American figures.

Iraqi casualty figures have been hotly disputed. The tolls and estimates have varied enormously, in part because they rely on different sources and methodologies.

Full Article Here – http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/15/world/middleeast/15iraq.html?_r=1&partner=rss&emc=rss

Wolfowitz Directive Gave Legal Cover to Detainee Experimentation Program

October 14, 2010
By Jason Leopold and Jeffrey Kaye

In 2002, as the Bush administration was turning to torture and other brutal techniques for interrogating “war on terror” detainees, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz loosened rules against human experimentation, an apparent recognition of legal problems regarding the novel strategies for extracting and evaluating information from the prisoners.

Wolfowitz issued his directive on March 25, 2002, about a month after President George W. Bush stripped the detainees of traditional prisoner-of-war protections under the Geneva Conventions. Bush labeled them “unlawful enemy combatants” and authorized the CIA and the Department of Defense (DoD) to undertake brutal interrogations.

Despite its title – “Protection of Human Subjects and Adherence to Ethical Standards in DoD-Supported Research” – the Wolfowitz directive weakened protections that had been in place for decades by limiting the safeguards to “prisoners of war.”
“We’re dealing with a special breed of person here,” Wolfowitz said about the war on terror detainees only four days before signing the new directive.
One former Pentagon official, who worked closely with the agency’s ex-general counsel William Haynes, said the Wolfowitz directive provided legal cover for a top-secret Special Access Program at the Guantanamo Bay prison, which experimented on ways to glean information from unwilling subjects and to achieve “deception detection.”

“A dozen [high-value detainees] were subjected to interrogation methods in order to evaluate their reaction to those methods and the subsequent levels of stress that would result,” said the official.

Full Article Here – http://www.truth-out.org/wolfowitz-directive-legal-cover-human-experimentation-detainees64184

Phoenix police officer tased and then shot victim

Associated Press
October 14, 2010

PHOENIX — A Phoenix police officer has been indicted on a second-degree murder charge for the on-duty shooting of an unarmed suspect during a violent encounter in which he also shocked the victim with a stun gun and killed his dog, officials said Thursday.

Officer Richard Chrisman was served a summons on the indictment and was not taken into custody, said his defense attorney Craig Mehrens. The indictment also charged him with aggravated assault and misdemeanor cruelty to animals.

Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley said at a press conference that Chrisman will remain free on $150,000 bail he posted after his initial arrest on an aggravated assault charge last week. His arraignment is set for Oct. 21.

Chrisman allegedly pulled his pistol, put it against 29-year-old Danny Frank Rodriguez’s head and told him he didn’t need a warrant when Rodriguez ordered him out of his house on Oct. 5. During the next few minutes, Chrisman shocked Rodriguez with a stun gun, shot his pit bull, then fatally shot Rodriguez, according to a court document.
Records show another officer told investigators he saw no reason for Chrisman to shoot.

Mehrens said his client was justified in shooting Rodriguez and did not put his gun against his head as the other officer reportedly said.

In announcing the charges, Romley said he’s supported and stood by law enforcement officers throughout his career, grieving with them when one is killed or injured.

“But we as citizens put our trust and our lives in their hands, and when one violates and abuses that trust, we must hold them accountable to the community for that breach,” he said. “We must assure the victims and the community that the criminal justice process will be fair, transparent, and objective. And when justice is done, we must heal and move on.”

In the past year, officers in the South Mountain precinct where the shooting happened have been accused of excessive force and racial profiling.

Police chief Jack Harris met with community leaders several times since the shooting to assure them the department was vigorously investigating the case. Protesters gathered daily in front of police headquarters.

Full Article Here -http://www.wral.com/news/political/story/8453530/

Soldier silenced for testimony in Afghan killings probe

October 14, 2010
By Drew Griffin and Kathleen Johnston

Seattle, Washington (CNN) — First, Justin Stoner blew the whistle on his platoon. Now, the Army apparently wants to silence him.In photos obtained by CNN, Stoner sports bruises and abrasions on his back, chest and near his neck — the marks of a beating inflicted by fellow soldiers as payback for reporting their rampant hashish use, the Army said.

At the time, those close to the investigation tell CNN, Stoner just wanted the smoking in his tent and around him to stop. So he went outside his group and reported the drug use to his superiors.

But that move, and the subsequent beating he endured for being viewed as a snitch, triggered a wide-ranging criminal investigation that has left some soldiers accused of killing innocent Afghan civilians and others accused of posing in gruesome photos with the dead or keeping body parts as war trophies.
Now the Army is doing everything it can to limit the publicity its own explosive account created.

Stoner, a private first class now back in the United States, had agreed to speak with CNN about the torment he went through at the hands of fellow soldiers earlier this year.

But just three hours before the interview was to take place in Seattle, CNN received this e-mail from his military attorney, Capt. Ernesto Gapasin, Jr., abruptly pulling the plug on the scheduled interview:

“About two hours ago, prosecutors and I met re [regarding] the disposition of the case against PFC Stoner,” the attorney wrote. “Based on this meeting, PFC Stoner will be given full immunity in this case and not be prosecuted for any allegations made against him, contingent also however, on staying away from the media.”

The Army disputes that account, however, saying Stoner has not been given immunity.

Full Article Here – http://www.cnn.com/2010/CRIME/10/14/griffin.afghan.murder.soldiers.investigation/?hpt=C2